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Trickey Tots

Childminding services


September 2010 - Registration complete. Accepting children now. Contact us to arrange a visit and you will be entitled to your first half day session completely free. (packed lunch required if lunch is to be provided, mornings only.)

January 2011 - Under one starting this month. so now have two vacancies for 1-5 year olds.

February 2011 - now registered for two under one year olds, so still have an under one place available. Booked onto a world of play course for a wednesday in march 2011.

March 2011 - world of play training completed. Now offering adhoc care for a little as one hour with no need to tie into a long term contract. Have now taken on another pre-school child and some school children in the holidays.

May 2011 - starting a forest school course both for me and the children. This will get the children exploring and learning about the outdoors whilst developing play skills and ideas with natural resources. (held on a wednesday for 6 weeks.

June 2011 - signed up new children to start in September.

July 2011 - pregnancy confirmed. Minimum maternity will be taken. Due march 2012.

November 2011 - spaces now available for January 2012

December 2011 - Moving to Highridge Road, Bishopsworth. This is only 5 minutes away and offers the same facilities as our Withywood home.

Move now complete.

March 2012 - Finishing for maternity leave. Will be back 4-6 weeks after baby is born. 26th March - baby Tayla born weighing 7lb 7 oz

June 2012 - Looking for some new children to join us.

September 2012 - Back from maternity leave. Looking for some more lovely children to come and join us. New part time child taken on.

January 2013 - New part time child taken on, part time child signed up to start late April.

April 2013 - Mix up and Munch course attended. This looked at food and nutrition for children.

June 2013 - A holiday has been booked. Please ask for details. Vacancy now available.

July 2013 - Mess is best. Please be aware that at Trickey Tots we do a lot of messy play.This can be great at helping many areas of your child's development. As a result please bring your child to the setting in clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and provide them with a clean set of clothes. If you don't like your child being messy I can change them into clean clothes at the end of the day if requested. Thankyou.

After school places now available from any local school.

January 2014 - I.C.T in the early years training course attended. I intend to save some money to try and incorporate more i.c.t equipment into the setting.

January 2015 - birth of new baby Dylan. 6 months maternity taken.

January 2016 - assistant registering so more places are available.

January 2017 - Justin has now received his ofsted registration certificate and is a childminder in his own right. He will work alongside me and will take a greater role when baby number 3 comes along at the beginning of February.

February 17 - Ezra Puddy born - closed for two weeks. following Justin will be the primary childminder until September 17

April 2017 - now using Dailyconnect online daily diary for ease of communication with parents.

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Q: Where abouts are you based?

A: we are in highridge Bristol, close to bishopsworth childrens centre.

Q: Do you charge extra for outings/trips?

A: I do charge for trips if they cost money, but you will always be given notice of these if they are to exceed a couple of pounds. You have the right to say no if you do not wish to pay but if the majority of children want to pay to go then you may have to make the decision to find alternative care for that day. Of course in that circumstance you will not be charged.

Q: My schedule is not always the same. How flexible can you be?

A: How flexible I can be depends on the other children in my care. As a newly registered childminder. I have all my vacancies so it is the best time to contact me if you schedule changes.

Q: I do not like dogs. Can we get round this?

A: The dog will not be in contact with the children very much. During the day he will have access to the upstairs (not used by children) and will use parts of the garden. Chances are you will never come in contact with the dog and if you let me know I am more able to make specific arrangements to get him out the way.

Q: My child is allergic/does not like animals?

A: Again Marley is rarely in contact with the children. As far as allergies go I would recommend another childminder as I can do my best, but cannot guarantee a hair free environment. As far as fear goes placing your child with me may be the perfect opportunity to get your child used to animals at a safe distance. If I know your child has a fear, I can act accordingly.

Q: My child has specific dietary requirements. Can you meet them?

A: Yes. I will take into account your child's need and make seperate meals if necessary.

Q: Will my child eat healthily?

A: Definately. I provide meals with fruit and veg and a sample menu can be seen by parents.

Q: What if I am late picking up my child?

A: If you have phoned:- I will wait with your child and you will be charged a late fee if 24 hours notice is not given. If notice is given you will be charged the normal rate for those hours.

A: If you have not phoned: I will try and contact you. If i cannot get in touch I will contact your secondary contact number. If there is a problem I can hold on to your child as long as necessary.

Q: Do you allow children to watch tv?

A: Yes but a restricted amount. Older children particularly are allowed more freedom with tv as they have already worked hard at school and deserve a chance to relax. This however, is only after any homework is done, if parents request this is done with me.

Q: If your dog is in the garden, do children have access to it?

A: Yes I have a decked area with a gate which will seperate the dog and children when they are outside.

Q: Do you provide car seats/prams?

A: I have this equipment to use with your child and have them suitable for different ages. If you feel more comfortable providing your own however, please feel free.

Q: Do you have any speeding fines/criminal convictions on your driving license?

A: No my licence is clean

Q: Are you insured for business use on your car?

A: Yes

Q: Do you have personal insurance?

A: Yes I am registered with the NCMA

Q: I have heard about a Bristol childminding network. Are you registered and what does it mean?

A: Yes I am in the process of registering. The Bristol childminding network provides me with additional support when I need it. It also means I am checked more frequently to ensure my practise is at its best, which means you can feel more secure about your child being with me. By being registered with this network I also commit to attending regular training which ensures I provide the best possible care for your child.

Q: Can you ever drop my child home?

A: I can do but this depends on the collections of other children in my care at the time and the time you want them dropped off. I may charge extra for this service.

Q: What is your experience with babies?

A: I have worked with young babies on placements when at college and I have also worked with babies in a creche from three months. I also have younger brothers and sisters and have been helping with them since they were born, when I was 13. 

Q: Do you offer adhoc care?

A: Yes I will take children for as little as an hour with no need to tie into particular days/times or a long term contract. (please see blog for more info)

Q: Will you use reusable/cloth/washable nappies?

A: Yes I actually use these on my own daughter. I am aware however that they are all different so may need a demonstration. Also if you are happy to leave some nappies at the setting why not pay just £5 a week and I will also wash nappies used at the setting. They will be washed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at at least 60 degrees c (unless told otherwise).

Q: Do you have experience with Baby led weaning?

A: Yes this is actually how I have weaned my own child so am able to take this approach with your child. I will feed the children in which ever way works best for them and their parents.

Q: you say you offer a fixed price. What does this mean?

A: This means that whatever your hourly rate is when you start, is what it will stay, for the length of time you are with us (apart from when the child starts school where there may be an increase).

Q: Why do the fees increase when my child starts school?

A: Because of the reduction in hours. I am likely to be only working a couple of hours with your child and transporting them to and from school. I have to make it worth my while taking on children with such few hours.

Q: What is a retainer?

A: When you require a term time only contract a lot of childminders will charge you an amount for the holidays as well to save you the space. I will not charge you for the school holidays.

Q: I do not like my child getting messy. Are children likely to get dirty at your setting?

A: Yes it is highly likely. Whilst aprons are worn at times, we do a lot of messy play and your child is likely to get dirty. We recommend that you bring you child in their older clothes as we cannot guarantee that some things will come out. If you particularly hate your child getting dirty, if you provide me with a clean set of clothes, you can request that I change the child before they are picked up at the end of the day.

Q: what is a co minder?

A: Justin Puddy is my co minder and this basically means he is a childminder in his own right but he works in the same home, alongside me. He has the same responsibilities as I do and may at times care for the children on his own (as I may do).

any more questions please ask and I will answer asap