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Trickey Tots

Childminding services

Trickey Tots

Trickey Tots is a Childminding service based in Highridge, Bristol. We are a husband and wife team and

provide childcare for children aged birth to ten and offer full time care, term time care, after school care and school holiday care.

Marley (dog) - Marley is our crossbreed dog, who is about 7 years old. He is great with children and loves to play. Marley will be kept separate from your children for the best part of the day but truly is mans best friend. Sometimes we may go on walks to places like Withywood park, Hengrove park and the Malago in Bristol.

Amber (dog) - amber is a smaller breed and fairly young so kept separate from children most of the time as she is a little bouncy. She is however very loving and likes lots of attention.

olaf and sven (guinea pigs) - these are the latest addition to our family and the children love to play with them

ducks/chickens - we have recently added to our pets with some young chickens and ducks. We cant wait for them to start laying so that we can have some fresh eggs to try.

My Family


(Kelly Puddy [Trickey])

I am 30 years old, caring and reliable. I have always wanted to work with children and have been childminding since January 2011. I am creative, enthusiastic and have been devoted to all my jobs in childcare. 

Justin Puddy (Husband/co-minder) Justin is 38 years old and has recently registered as a childminder himself to work alongside me. Justin has a great sense of humour and is guaranteed to send your child home laughing. We have been together for 10 years.

Tayla Puddy (Daughter)

Born 26th March 2012.

Dylan Puddy

Born 28th January 2015

Ezra Puddy

born 11th February 2017

Our Home

Trickey Tots is based in our family home in Highridge, Bristol. we are close to many schools. We have a large lounge where the children play, a large garden and use te bedroom for sleep time. I offer a warm and welcoming environment. I provide a wide range of toys and equipment and plan lots of fun and stimulating activities. I have a strict cleaning routine maintaining health and hygiene at all times.

More photos of new home coming soon.